Curing Halitosis The Natural Way - No More Bad Breath!

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If the term ‘halitosis’ seems somehow exotic to you, or is one of which you
are not too sure of the meaning, here’s an easier description for you to
digest - consistent bad breath.
A simple scenario in which you might try to imagine how it can relate to
your life goes something along these lines. You are at an extremely
important dinner where the room is packed with important people and you
are dressed in your best and most expensive suit.
However, every time you stand close to someone to engage them in
conversation, they seem to cringe whilst other people seem to maintain a
distance from you every time you try to make polite chit-chat with them.
You keep asking yourself why and put together so many different possible
reasons in your head. But the truth is, you still don’t know the answer.
At the same time, the most logical answer to this scenario is that you have
extremely bad breath and people may just be too embarrassed to tell you
or afraid that you may be embarrassed if they did tell you.
While halitosis is not contagious, it can warrant a great deal of
embarrassment and attention of exactly the kind that you do not want!
Instead of knocking people dead with your charm, wit and elegance, you
are certainly killing them, but in a very different way!
Perhaps the biggest problem with halitosis is that there is no one single
cause, and that there is therefore equally no one single solution either.
Moreover, it is certainly possible to spend thousands of dollars on medical
or dental treatments that may or may not work, and that is presumably an
expense that most people would not choose to suffer.
This book is all about the many different natural ways that you can tackle
your ‘stinky breath’ problem, so that, by the time you finish reading, you
should have all of the information you could ever need to rid of that nasty
odor once and for all.

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